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Who We Are?

Nexis Games Studio was founded on a dare that turned into a life and career changing venture. This all came about due to a very good friend of mine telling me that no matter what my background was in IT it was impossible for someone to make a video game by themselves and Certain Family Members telling me that it was also impossible due to the lack of a formal education in Game Design.. I strongly disagreed with these statements and so a bet was made back in November of 2013. In December of 2013 (A few weeks later) Nexis Games Studio was officially formed and had already established relationships with Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. In June of 2014 Nexis Games Studio launched it’s first game on the Nintendo Wii U platform.

To date, Nexis Games currently has 4 titles in development for the Xbox One, Wii U and PlayStation 4 platforms. At this point I think its far to say that I won.


Nexis Games, the official home of The Dance of the Damned. Site is updated daily so be sure to check back frequently to stay current on updates.

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Hi Everyone My account was hacked about a year ago and the tool that did it followed some inappropriate accounts. Issue has been resolved.
I'm back on this account guys! Big update coming soon! #gamedev

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