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Nexis Games And The Second UCraft Teaser Unleashed ★ More Secrets Revealed

Nexis Games is proud to reveal the very latest video footage uncovering even more secrets in this second official teaser featuring the greatly anticipated UCraft, which is promptly approaching exclusively to Nintendo’s digital Wii U eShop! The never ending worlds of UCraft offer a strong focus on the casual single player as well as the hardcore online multiplayer experience giving players offline quests and missions, as well as online and local multiplayer quest creation on top additional survival modes. UCraft opens up with 3 available class systems at launch, including the Warrior, Magician and Engineer with more UCraft class additions to be revealed leading up to its planned Holiday 2014 release. This variety and immersion can be enjoyed with friends and family in 2 player local co-op or expanded to a bustling 16 players by connecting your Wii U online through the Nintendo Network. ...

UCraft Beta headed to Wii U

UCraft Beta headed to Wii U
UCraft – The Next Gen Indie Sandbox UCraft has without a doubt surpassed our expectations of what we thought we were capable of. We admittedly had our doubts when taking on this challenge but we jumped in anyways and as a result of that leap of faith, love and dedication to what we do we are pleased to make today’s announcement to you all and to show you what we have managed to accomplish to date. We hope you will enjoy our latest video as much as we have creating it, It truly has been a long and amazing journey and we could not have done it without you. Latest UCraft Trailer (4k UHD Available) UCraft Beta also headed to Wii U We still plan on launching the UCraft Beta on PC solely for testing/debugging but did you really think the Wii U wouldn’t be the first console ...

UCraft Developer response to Public Outrage

Clearing the air It has come to our attention that our latest announcement regarding the direction of UCraft has upset many of you within the gaming community and we would like to take this time to clear the air. Below you will find the Q&A for the questions we have been asked most frequently since our latest announcement. Reason for initial PC Launch Our primary reasons for launching the UCraft Beta on PC are testing and debugging. We choose this path solely to avoid Nintendo’s lengthy certification process each time we need to make an update because at this stage in development we know there will bugs. For example if we were to launch the beta on Wii U and a bug was discovered it would take weeks for us to patch it and redo all of the paperwork Nintendo requires, on PC it will be instant and I ...

Kickstarter failed – Does this signify the death of UCraft?

Kickstarter failed – Does this signify the death of UCraft?
UCraft KickStarter was Unsuccessful As some of you may know we recently launched a Kickstarter for our title UCraft which unfortunately was not funded. While this was a major setback for us UCraft is still n development however it has been decided that UCraft will no longer remain a Wii U Exclusive. Over the past few months we have been putting in 18 hours a day working on UCraft and we feel that it will easily stand up to any competition that comes its way. A Special gift to the BackersEven though this Kickstarter was unsuccessful we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported the development of UCraft. Your support means a lot to us and to show our appreciation we will be sending EVERYONE who attempted to back us a free copy of UCraft on the platform of their choice. People like you make ...

UCraft for Wii U – Kickstarter launching 10/30/2014 at 3:00 pm CST

UCraft for Wii U – Kickstarter launching 10/30/2014 at 3:00 pm CST
Help us to achieve greatness!! UCraft: Progress Report 10/29/2014 Nearly 8 months ago Nexis Games Studio began work on UCraft and ever since then it has been our goal to deliver the best experience possible and to be as forth coming as possible with our beloved gaming community. As many of you know Video Game design can be a very expensive venture especially with a games like UCraft, The Dance of the Damned and Ride. Right now I am a one man studio and not only am I responsible for all financial expenses but I also handle all of the Programming, Art, Game Design, Music Engineering, Social Media, Trailers and Paperwork. That said Nexis Games is preparing our first KickStarter campaign for UCraft because we need your help to make this game great. UCraft deserves nothing but the best in Art, Music, Design and engineering and with your support ...


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