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UCraft is really starting to take shape and we are pleased to share our latest developments to you today. Todays topic of discussion is PowerPacks and what they mean to UCraft. UCraft PowerPacks will allow users the opportunity to expand their game like never before. Shattering the standards of traditional DLC, UCraft not only gives players the power to create their own worlds but also the ability to create and share new experiences with family and friends across the world. UCraft PowerPacks will offer everything from FPS packs to Racing packs making the UCraft experience unrivaled and never ending. We are currently working on 2 PowerPacks that we plan to launch shortly after we begin the UCraft Online Beta.



Rise to Honor
Rise to honor is a FPS (First Person Shooter) mod that we have designed to bring a little paint splattering madness to The World of UCraft. This mod will allow online play with up to 16 friends and give you the opportunity to explore and battle it out on the worlds you have created.

This is a fun little mod we have designed to bring some much needed kart racing action to your custom created worlds. CraftyKart will have weapons similar to those we all know and love and also feature online play capability with up to 16 Players.


More coming soon, Stay Tuned!


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